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Lunds Doctoral Student Union took part in the traditional Rektorsuppvaktning on the 1st of May where the Student Unions review Lund University’s vice-chancellor. Clara Lundblad started her speech with the problem of shadow doctoral students – pinpointing that Lund University didn’t succeed to tackle that topic and serious measures need to be taken. (picture source Tidningen Lundagård)

Election time: candidate for a position at LDK

It is now time to candidate for internal positions at Lund Doctoral Student Union (LDK) for academic year 2014/2015. The last day for nominations is 30/4 2014. Fill in the information required in the short google form:

The International Day

The International Day is a yearly event in Lund dedicated to the problems that occur for most international students in Sweden. The next event will be held on 16th of November and is arranged by 6 student unions at Lund University. Visit the facebook page

Information about the student card

Important update regarding the student card for the autumn semester 2013. Some of you might have received a card with the wrong information, where the valid date is set from 2013-03-14 to 2013-09-30 which of course is wrong. New cards have already been sent out to the ones affected by this mistake. If you have any questions regarding this, please…

Social event

We invite all PhD students at Lund University to a barbecue event outside the AF building in Lundagård (Sandgatan 2), Friday the 20th of September at 4 pm. This is a great opportunity for networking and to ask us questions about the postgraduate education. Sign up here

DN Debatt om publiceringskrav

“Kunskap viktigast. Forskarutbildningen behöver bli bättre i Sverige. I dag läggs alltför mycket fokus på att publicera artiklar, ofta i tidskrifter av låg kvalitet. Det viktiga måste vara vad doktoranderna lär sig under sin utbildning, inte vad de publicerar, skriver Md. Shahidul Islam, docent och överläkare.” Läs hela debattartikeln “Brådskan att publicera hämmar forskarutbildning” Svar “Bestickande fel i beskrivningen av svensk…

New people at LDK 2013/2014 !!

New chairpersons were elected earlier this week to run LDK during the next two semesters. Florian Sallaba, (currently vice chair), together with Amalia Foukaki (economy,  currently in LDKs FUM), and Victor Abrahamsson (chemistry, current chair of NDR). Read more about them..

PhD student Helena Christianson – new representative in the board of the university

Helena Christianson was together with two other students elected at LUS annual election-meeting (LUS valting) to represent the students in the university’s highest decision-making body (Universitetsstyrelsen). Helena is a PhD-student at department of oncology at the medical faculty. She has previously worked as vice president at LDK and has represented PhD-students in a number of different boards and councils at LU, and…