The Doctoral Student Ombudsman


The Doctoral Student Ombudsman (DOMB) is a service provided by Lund Doctoral Student Union (LDK). The DOMB is mandated to assist doctoral students at Lund University and the two student unions that organize those doctoral students (LDK and TLTH) when they run into challenges concerning third cycle studies.

No matter how small or how serious the problem is, you can get support from the DOMB and it is of course free of charge.

What DOMB does

The role of the Doctoral Student Ombudsman (DOMB) is to support and guide the unions and students who feel that the University officials have acted in violation of doctoral students’ rights. The service offered by the DOMB can include everything from information and advice to investigations and to act as a representative or facilitator in contacts with the university. You choose if you just want to inform yourself of your rights or if you also want the DOMB’s help to place a formal complaint with the relevant authorities.

NB: the DOMB does not obey under the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (Offentlighets- och sekretesslag (2009:400), but is sworn to secrecy, nothing will be conducted in your case unless you ask for it.

How DOMB is organized

The Doctoral Student Ombudsman (DOMB) is a function within the Lund Doctoral Student Union (LDK). According to LDK’s statutes, the DOMB has the responsibility to supervise doctoral students’ rights and the person who holds this office is appointed by the LDK assembly to a full time position for an indefinite period of time. The concrete tasks of the DOMB are defined in LDK’s activity plan. In order to ensure that the DOMB service is not restricted to only LDK members, but provided both to all doctoral students at Lund University (irrespective of union membership) and to the two student unions of which doctoral students may be members (LDK and TLTH), Lund University is currently contributing financially to the running of the DOMB office. The two student unions also contribute to the financing.

DOMB history

The office of the Doctoral Student Ombudsman (DOMB) has a long and distinguished history at Lund University. As an example the former University Chancellor Lars Haikola has held the office. As an institution, it even predates the current organization of student unions at Lund University.


The current ombudsman is Aleksandra Popovic. She was appointed to her office in 2009, when she was following her doctoral studies in international public law at the Faculty of Law. Before that, following her graduation from Lund University Law School, she, did her clerkship at the City Court of Vänersborg and then worked as an assistant judge at the Environmental Court at Vänersborg.