The Humanistic and Theological Doctoral Student Council

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Working Committee

Frida Nilsson Mikael Novén Zahra Gharaee  Lisa-Marie Teubler

 HTDR Working Committee (Shared Responsibilities of Vacant Presidential Position)

– Frida Nilsson

– Lisa-Marie Teubler

– Zahra Gharaee

– Mikael Novén

(contact via


Election committee HTDR

– Joel Kuhlin (reg)

– Ida Jansson (reg)


Representative to LDK Governing assembly

– Ida Jansson (reg)

– Lisa -Marie Teubler (reg)

– Lena Strid (dep)

– Vacant (dep)


Representative to LDK Board (Acc praxis: president)

– Zahra (reg)

– Vacant (dep)


HTDR representative in Faculty board (Acc praxis: president)

–  Mikael Novén till sista december 2017, från första jaunari Lisa Marie Teubler (reg)


HTDR representative in Research Education Board

– Emil Stjernholm (reg)

– Mattias Gunnemyr (reg)


HTDR representative in Research Board

– Jakob Green Werkmäster (reg)

– Malin Svensson Lundmark (reg)

– Lena Strid (dep)


HTDR representative in Academic appointment board

– Janna Lundberg (reg)

– Anna Hultman (dep)


HTDR representative in LUX House Board

-Tania Norell (reg)


Ethics board

– Tania Norell (reg)


SOL house board

– Lisa-Marie Teubler (reg)


Prefektforum (Acc praxis: vice president)

– Frida Nilsson (reg)


Department of Philosophy

– Jakob Green Werkmäster (reg)

– Mattias Gunnemyr (dep)


Department of History (2 regular, 2 deputy)

– Frida Nilsson (reg) (tom december 2017)

– Fredrika Larsson (reg)

– Ida Jansson (dep) (tom december 2017)

– Vacant (dep)


Department of Archaeology and Ancient History

– Lena Strid (reg)

– Andreas Svensson (dep)


Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences

– Ylva Haidenthaller (reg)

– Vacant (dep)


Department of Educational Sciences

– Vacant (reg)

– Vacant (dep)


Centre for language and Literature (SOL) (2 regular)

– Anna Hultman (reg)

– Lisa-Marie Teubler (reg)

– Briana Van Epps (dep)


Department of Communication and Media (Representanter utses av LDK.)

– Vacant (reg)

– Vacant (dep)


Centre for Theology and Religious Studies

– Tania Norell (reg)


PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to or know of anyone that would like to fill one of the vacant positions, please let us know at