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Membership/student-card problems?

How do I become a member in Lund Doctoral Student Union?

You have to be registered as doctoral student at Lund University. You can check your registration in LADOK ( Make sure that you have a document confirming your PhD student position. If you want to join a nation and the academic society (Akademiska Föreningen) you need to state that in your LDK membership application (read more about nations and the academic society below). The application form is found here.

Do I have to become a member in a nation and the academic society (Akademiska Föreningen)?

No, Lund Doctoral Student Union is not part in the studentlund collaboration (nations and the academic-society). We don’t want to force you to join a society that you may not be interested in. However, we recommend becoming a member in the studentlund collaboration (nations and the academic-society) because the academic society offers a lot of student apartments (AF-Bostäder) in Lund. It is always difficult to find decent housing in Lund. The nation offer lots of social activities you might be interested in (lunches, pubs & clubs).

Why don’t I get my student card via mail?

In the beginning of a term it may take some extra processing time. Usually it takes up 2 weeks after you have paid your invoice. If you are a new member it can take up to 3-4 weeks.

Additional reasons are that you reported a wrong adress, maybe you moved and forgot to register that in our database (see below), there are problems with the card production etc. If you don’t get your card 3-4 weeks after you made your payment please contact

Why is the SJ and Skånetrafiken logo missing on my card?

In order to be eligible for these discounts you must have a study activity of at least 50% or more. Please note that since the fall semester of 2016 the traveling discounts are shown with a new logo. The new logo shows a small book on wheels. If you are above this range and don’t have the logos and your card please contact

How do I get information regarding my study activity?

Your study activity (aktivitetsgrad) is registered at your department. Contact your department administration to report your activity or to adjust it. Otherwise you can find this information in LADOK (

I paid my student card fee but haven’t received it yet?

Please send an email to we will help you.

Do I have to report my new address when I have moved?

Yes, our database isn’t connected to the database of the Swedish tax agency (folkbokföringen). You can change your address here, log in and make your changes. Note that you can order a new password if you don’t have one or if you have forgotten it. If you have problems with logging in to you can also send an email to with your new address.

If you have other questions please send an email to – we will help you.

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