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Becoming a member of LDK has never been easier! Just fill in the form below, and you will receive information on how to pay the fee for this semester.  Note that you have to provide a document confirming your PhD student position for your application to be considered. As a member, you also become a member of the council representing the doctoral students at your faculty, and you will get the student card (Studentkortet) containing various discounts (read more at, Swedish only), note that traveling discounts can only be available if you have an activity level of above 50%, make sure that your registration is correct.

Make sure that you always have your correct address updated on the membership page (see link).

Our membership fee is 150 kr.

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Note: If you are a doctoral student at LTH, sign up directly with Dokt at TLTH — The PhD Student Section at TLTH. More information can be found here:

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