Become a member of LDK, and perhaps also get involved in council work!

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Why join LDK?

Why should I pay the fee to LDK?

Swedish higher education institutions rely on collegial management and student influence. Decisions about how the university should be managed – quality assurance, structures for implementation and development – are decided by elected members of the staff and the students. LDK will then work as a forum where doctoral student can exchange ideas and thoughts to improve the doctoral program. 
Also, you will gain access to the doctoral student’s ombudsman (DOMB) who works full-time with issues concerning doctoral students and it is to the ombudsman you turn to with whatever questions you might have concerning your department and your research.

Can I still live at AFB?

AFB´s rental conditions are rather strict in that you must be a member in AF to be able to rent any of their apartments. As mentioned above, even though LDK is not members of Studentlund you will be able to become a member of AF also (info below).

What if I still want to be able to go to nations?

If you would also like to be a member of a nation an AF, you can use the link to Studentlund to the right.