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Reports regarding the research education at LU and in Sweden

Lund University published a report in 2013 mainly focusing on how the PhD students, alumni and supervisors perceive the research education at LU. Although it is made up of approximately 150 pages, it has a well written summary in the beginning well worth reading. A response from Lund Doctoral Student Union (LDK) is also included in the end.

Forskarutbildningen vid Lunds Universitet – Perspektiv från doktorander, doktorsalumner och handledare


The Association of Swedish Higher Education has written a report regarding the quality and recent development of the research education in Sweden. It touches on the various aspects of the PhD student perspectives, since we are both students, researchers and teachers.

Ledning för kvalitet i forskarutbildningen


Unfortunately both of the reports are in Swedish. Much of what is mentioned in the two evaluations are what we in LDK and NDR are working continuously on improving. We have emphasizing on the importance of the Individual Study Plan (ISP), and it was also identified as very much lacking. Therefore we want to remember everyone to mark the 23rd of May in your calendar for the lunch seminar regarding the ISP.