The Science Doctoral Student Council
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About NDR

Naturvetenskapliga Doktorandrådet representerar de forskarstuderande vid naturvetenskapliga fakulteten vid Lunds Universitet.

The Science Doctoral Student Council (Naturvetenskapliga Doktorandrådet, NDR) represents about 400 Ph.D. students at the faculty. The most important task of the NDR is to guard the interests of the Ph.D. students at the Faculty of Science with respect to the quality of education and supervision and the availability of resources. We currently have about 80 active members that represents us at about 120 positions at various levels. There is always the need for new engaged Ph.D. students who want to become active within the NDR. Three times per term the NDR invites all the Ph.D. students to a lunch meeting, which is intended as a forum for Ph.D. students to meet across departmental boundaries. During those meetings we discuss and then try to solve common or local problems and we also pass on the latest news from our representatives in various boards and committees. The NDR also has a working committee, which usually meets 1 or 2 weeks before those lunch meetings. Each year the NDR decides on some focus questions regarding the research education which will then be discussed and tried to be solved or improved.

The focus questions of 2013/2014 are:

  • The general study plan with special regards to which parts should give course credits,
  • The individual study plan. Informing about and encouraging the use of the individual study plan.
  • The prolongation of Ph.D. studies due to parental leave and staying home with a sick child.
  • Outreach. To become better at communicating and engaging doctoral students at the Faculty of Science.