The Social Science Doctoral Student Council


Working Committee

Tullia Jack  (Sociology)


Devrim Umut Aslan (Department of Service Studies),

LDK general assembly

Samantha Hyler (Department of Service Studies) Uzma Kazi (Sociology)

Teres Hjärpe (School of Social Work) Per Andersson (Political Science)

LDK board

Cynthia Phiri (School of Social Work)

Faculty Board / Faculty Board

Tullia Jack  (Sociology) Rickard Andersson (Strategic Communication)

Faculty working committee / Faculty Board AU

Rickard Andersson (Strategic Communication) Hanna Sahlin (Sociology)

Research Studies Council / Doctoral Council

Devrim Umut Aslan (Department of Service Studies) Teres Hjärpe (School of Social Work)

Elinor Schad  (Psychology)

Research Council / Forskningskomittén

Lars Crusefalk (Sociology)

Academic Appointment Board / Appointments Committee

Anders Hylmö (Sociology) Rasmus Ahlstrand (Sociology)


Ellinor Isgren (Sustainability Science/LUCSUS)

Equal Opportunities Board / Equal treatment group

Cynthia Phiri (School of Social Work)