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Why Join LDK?

The Lund's Doctoral Student Union fights for your 

rights! We ensure that doctoral student voices are heard at every level so that you can influence the quality of your education. 

Decisions about how the university should be managed – quality assurance, structures for implementation and development – are decided by elected members of the staff and the students.

LDK advocates for the rights of doctoral students in their research education and work environment.


Supporting LDK also ensures that you will have access to the Doctoral Student’s Ombudsman (DOMB).  The DOMB works on a full-time basis with issues concerning doctoral students. You can always turn to the DOMB with any questions you might have about your education and workplace.

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Becoming a member of LDK has never been easier! Just fill in the form and you will receive information on how to pay the fee of 150 kr for this semester.

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Get involved with council work!

It takes committed members to be able to guard the interests of the doctoral students! If you want to get involved in this important work, and get a good picture of how things work at Lund University, please contact the student council of your faculty.


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Membership or student card problems?

No worries - we will get you sorted!


How do I get information regarding my study activity?

Your study activity (aktivitetsgrad) should be registered at your department. Contact your department administration to report your activity or to adjust it. You can find this information in LADOK (

Why is the travel discount logo missing on my card?

Travel logos will ONLY appear on the digital card. You can access your digital card by downloading the Studentkortet app for free. The logo shows small book on wheels. In order to be eligible for travel discounts you must have a study activity of 50% or more. If you still can’t see the logo please contact .

Why haven’t I received my student card in the mail?

We no longer automatically send out physical student cards unless expressly requested by a member. To access your student card, download the Studentkortet (STUK) app and use your digital card. This functions in the same way and entitles you to the same discounts. Also note that Travel logos will ONLY appear on the digital card.

Should you need a physical card send to you, ensure that the address registered to your account is correct. Please contact us at should you have any problem.

Thank you.

Do I have to report my new address when I have moved?

Yes our database isn’t connected to the database of the Swedish tax agency (folkbokföringen). You can update your details or change your address by logging in here - If you have problems with logging in you can also send an email to with your new address.

Still Struggling?

Betty Saenyi

Membership Officer (Terminsräkningsansvarig)

Are you still struggling with membership/student card problems? I'm here to help! Please describe your problem, state your name and faculty affiliation, and send an email to . I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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